Amplify Group is a “PR” firm.  We bring Pain Relief to clients through the effective use of communications in times of growth, change, or enduring setbacks.

We welcome projects, programs and partnerships that help clients improve their economic health while contributing positively to society. 

Our emphasis is developing programs that are grounded in character and understanding.  We want to help people understand who you are, what you do, and why they should place their trust and belief in you.

Our suburban community is part of the Portland-Vancouver USA market, the country’s 23rd largest metro area.  Our community is situated along the foothills of the Cascade mountain range, about an hour from our well-known neighbors Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood, and the Pacific coast.

We think it’s a perfect environment for developing sustainable communications programs.  If we ever need to clear our minds, we simply walk outside.

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