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Amplify Group specializes in utilizing communications to develop relevant connections and understanding between our clients and the people who are critical to their success.

We use the time-tested method of understanding the current situation, envisioning a better position in the future, building an effective program to get there, and measuring progress along the way.

We rely upon the most efficient model in the communications business – engaging a seasoned project leader fully capable of planning and executing programs, and supporting them with specialized services through tax-efficient 1099 relationships. This approach is perfect for emerging client assignments that don't yet merit enlisting a large agency or committing to a permanent staff.

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Corporate communications is all about helping those who matter most understand and support you.  Employees.  Boards.  Customers.  Investors.  Media.  Neighbors.  Regulators.  Suppliers.  VIPS.  Industry leaders.  Electeds.  

A smart corporate program is a hedge against crises, and an investment in attracting new staff, investors, allies, business partners and customers.   Engage them, and they will help you in the good times and protect you in the bad.

This is fundamental for any organization experiencing disruptive change.

Discussion Questions:

  • Is your story packaged in a clear, succinct and compelling way?
  • Can you name the people who matter most to your success?
  • Do they understand your business, trust you to do the right thing, and know how to help?
  • Can people “see” your mission, vision and values in your behavior?
  • Are you the messenger, in good times and bad?
  • Do you routinely assess what could go wrong and plan accordingly?
  • Do you proactively manage changes?
  • Are you on first-name basis with key journalists in your region?
  • Do you behave like a trusted good neighbor?
  • Do you have an organized plan for giving back?

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“Ron adeptly helped us manage two waves of an unexpected supplier ingredient recall.  Through his experience, fast action, and positive interaction with me and our company team, Ron helped strengthen our relationships with key customers as well as consumers despite the inconvenience of these recalls.  Ron is an extremely knowledgeable and effective professional who I will enlist again in the future.”

George Lampros
Former CEO
Ann's House of Nuts, Inc.
The Largest Trail Mix Company in the World


Marketing communication is about understanding what people want, developing effective solutions, and creatively placing that solution in front of them when they are ready to buy.

We carefully study your current situation, and rely upon the time-tested principles of the Diffusion of Innovation to assess your marketplace position.  Then, we form reasonable objectives and create custom solutions relying upon real-life experiences withmore than 200 clients.  Sometimes, it’s as simple as telling your story or sending a product sample.  Other times, it’s an all-out war where you must outshout and outsmart your competition.  Whatever you’re facing, we’re here to provide pain relief.

Wait, what about social media?  Yes, we create our share of tweets, pages, blogs, posts and sites.  Our difference is that we consider social media programs to be just a few more important tools in a marketer’s vast tool chest.

Discussion Questions:

  • Do you have a solid body of knowledge regarding the business climate, changes, competitors, costs, and customer preferences?
  • What makes your product or service different, better and special?
  • Are you confident you have the right product, price, place and promotion?
  • Have you tested your marketing assumptions?
  • Do your marketing activities reflect where you are in the diffusion of innovation?
  • Are your marketing plans informed by how you secured existing customers?
  • Are you considered a “thought leader” on leading industry issues?
  • What does it take to experience a single sales conversion?
  • Are you making continuous improvements through customer feedback?
  • Are you financially modeling lead generation and sales conversion?
  • Are you prepared to change your marketing plans quickly if conditions dictate?

If you don’t like your answers, Contact Amplify Group.

“Ron was the first person, when I arrived at Fleishman-Hillard, who made me realize I was about to learn from some really, really smart people. And I did learn a lot from him, about the difference between a bunch of tactics and a true program, and the importance of strategy first. Ron is what a communications counselor is supposed to be: deeply informed, intensely strategic, boldly creative, and unafraid to offer advice that may not always be welcome at first blush.  He diagnoses and prescribes and his clients are healthier for it.”

John Armato
Senior Partner
Fleishman-Hillard International Communications 


The purpose of financial communication is communicating consistently and in a timely manner with shareholders, analysts and prospects, in keeping with SEC's common-sense Fair Disclosure regulations.

Amplify Group develops communications, including news releases, speeches, presentations, literature, event coordination, correspondence, annual reports, conference calls and road shows.  In addition, Amplify Group supports change initiatives such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, executive changes, product recalls and other potentially market-moving developments.

Because financial communications is highly regulated, Amplify Group works in close partnership with company financial leaders, general counsel and securities counsel to develop appropriate content.

Discussion Questions

  • Are you meeting all the relevant rules of fair disclosure?
  • Do you feel investors and analysts adequately understand your story?
  • Are you preparing at least 30 days out for major financial developments such as quarterly (10Q) and annual (10K) reports?
  • Have you updated your investor presentation and Q&A in the last 30 days?
  • Do you anticipate any changes that would trigger an 8K filing, such as material changes in your organization and business relationships?
  • Is your leadership available and prepared to answer questions immediately after filing an SEC document?
  • Have you drilled the 10 easiest, and the 10 hardest, questions?
  • Do you have a single media contact point who is prepared to deal with fair but tough questions?
  • Are your executives trained to answer succinctly and stay on message?

If you don't like your answers, Contact Amplify Group.


"Nautilus regularly interacts with investors and analysts as well as regular earnings announcements and earnings calls.  Ron acted in a leadership role in this process both with external audiences and internal constituencies.  He has excellent verbal and written communication skills and has an ability to effectively communicate corporate directions and initiatives and a keen understanding of the business issues facing an organization."

Wayne Bolio
Sr. Vice President, Law and Human Resources
Nautilus, Inc.


Amplify Group provides strategic support to organizations that have elected to hit the pause button to verify that their direction, plans and programs are fitting for a rapidly changing marketplace.

Amplify Group serves in a consultative capacity to provide a fresh assessment, bring consensus, establish relevant objectives, re-order programs and activities, and re-deploy the organization.

Among our services:

  • Coalition initiatives.  Amplify Group creates and staffs loose-knit coalitions of diverse interests who are united to make a difference.  They almost always do.
  • Market research.  Through secondary research, quick polls, structured focus groups and secret-shopper programs, Amplify Group offers fresh insights that encourage reflection and uncover opportunities.
  • Strategic facilitation.  Through facilitations lasting a few hours to a few days, Amplify Group helps revitalize organizations by outlining bold plans that make a difference for its stakeholders.
  • Brainstorms.  Amplify Group holds “blue sky” brainstorms with teams and executives that result in engaged staff, better programs, more buy-in and smarter execution.

Discussion Questions

  • Has the operating environment changed since we began our mission?
  • Has our organization changed since we began our mission?
  • Do we know what’s working and what’s not working?
  • Are we struggling due to a lack of consensus and prioritization?
  • Have we experienced scope creep – doing too many things and none of them well?
  • Do we feel our program is fresh, relevant and making a difference?
  • Have we fully incorporated the perspectives of new leaders and partners?
  • Are we engaging staff and volunteers to share insights that make us more effective?

If you don’t like your answers, Contact Amplify Group.

“Ideas always need incubating and nurturing . . . then hatching . . . and we were blessed with engaging the ‘king of hatching.’  Ron led a very diverse group through the creative process and was instrumental in the launch.  Without him, this project could have taken years rather than months.”

Ginger Metcalf
Former President
Identity Clark County

Cause Marketing

Finding ways for commerce to leverage causes is a new-world order for brands and charities.

Underfunded charities struggle to raise funds while the mission suffers.  Meanwhile, brands struggle to differentiate from me-too competitors by spending millions in marketing, promotions and incentives.  There is a better solution: It’s matching the right brand with the right cause through a relevant and sustainable partnership.

There is one significant reason why cause-marketing is not done more often.  The interdependent relationship often is left unmanaged.  That’s where Amplify Group steps in.  We build effective plans that advance both organizations, assure efficient execution of the program, and provide accountability and support throughout the process.

We are eager to build this service into a world-class capability.

Discussion Questions:

  • If your brand vanished tomorrow, would anyone really miss it?
  • Can your organization see the difference between cause-marketing (driving business) and charitable contributions?
  • Do your customers know and appreciate the cause-marketing programs in which you invest?
  • Do you currently track and estimate the impact of cause-marketing investments?
  • How do you get more value from our cause-marketing partnerships without stepping on anyone’s toes?
  • Do you actively manage our contributions now to achieve the win-win we expect?
  • Do you know what cause and what actions would drive customer loyalty and support?
  • If you were to “go big” with a single cause, what would it be and why?
  • What could the cause do for you that would set our brand apart?
  • Can you model the possible financial impact to deliver a positive ROI?

If you don’t like your answers, Contact Amplify Group.

“Amazingly, the campaign received universal support from the business and economic development community.  It has broken down silos of local government and beginning to bridge the Columbia River divide.  Ron’s enthusiasm, commitment and public relations experience brought us to this point of accomplishment.”

Alisa Pyszka
Business Development Manager
City of Vancouver